Episode #35 - Cash Money Cash Problems...?

Episode #35 - In this episode we discuss Art's crazy music business, and Eric's dive into learning how to finger drum.  And if you've ever wanted to have a good debate about the merits of a Rock Opera, you've come to the right place.
Tip of the Day: Give the small diaphram condensor microphones a chance.

In the News we discuss Blur reuniting as a band and coming out with a new album and Drake's problems with his label CashMoney.

In the Music Writing segment we discuss what a Hook is and give about 6 examples, which should a lot of fun.

In the Music Production segment we discuss what it takes to record vocals.

Crib Notes:
Art's Pick of the week: Amanda Palmer
Eric's Pick of the week: Blur

The Swoop is Eric's Band and can be found at ForeverTimeless

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