Episode 36 - Lyrical Mystrical

Episode 36 - The inner "Hipster"s are strong with this one!  Come join us for a discussion about our favorite artist Kanye West, our favorite Band Maroon 5 and our favorite form of art...throwing up on a wall.

In today's songwriting section we discuss how to write lyrics from an article written by musician Sam Inglis.  The article has now been archived and can be read along with the podcast. 

We look at three examples:  1. Rude by Magic! which is graded as just a mediocre song but breaking so many phrasing rules gives it a C 2. Animal by Maroon 5 which Art give a pass (for some bizarre reason) but I give a massive F- and finally 3. Daughter by Pearl Jam, which I give an A+ for effort and happiness and maybe drugs.

Crib Notes:
Art's Pick of the week: Paper Aeroplanes
Eric's Pick of the week: Arctic Monkeys

The Swoop is Eric's Band and can be found at ForeverTimeless

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