Episode 34 - Seek the Kanye inside you

Episode #34 - In this episode we discuss the latest concert news that Eric wishes he could enjoy.  Some surprises and mockings of Kanye and his nice little Grammy rush.  And a nice tutorial to visit regarding multiband compression.
In the Songwriting segment we discuss how to use a muted chorus in your songwriting and give you three examples in popular music today (yes one of my own songs from The Swoop is used and I understand the inherent contradiction in calling it popular)

In the Recording Segment Art breaks down how to podcast.  What are some proper Mic techniques and studio interface situations.

and in case you didn't notice within the first five minutes, we are looking for a really obnoxious saying such as "May the Kanye be with you," or "Feel the Kanye inside."  Please give us any suggestions you might have for our new Kayne greeting.

Crib Notes:
Art's Pick of the week: Mike Love
Eric's Pick of the week: Joe Bonamassa

The Swoop is Eric's Band and can be found at ForeverTimeless

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