#33 - The remix may not be your best mix

Episode #33 - So much to discuss and so little time: In this episode we discuss some Grammy nominations, who we want to win before the Grammy's aired on Sunday (hint: we picked the album of the year correctly), discuss some of the newest gear from the NAMM 2015 awards from Mix Mag Online
In the music segment we break down Hozier's Song "Take me to Church" the radio spawned mess of a remix and why the remix is not necessarily the best mix.  Tell us whether you agree or disagree.

Crib Notes:
Art's Pick of the week: Sycamore Tapes A Silent Film
Eric's Pick of the week: Ms Mr Fantasy

NAMM 2015 awards for just excellent mixing and music production

The Swoop is Eric's Band and can be found at ForeverTimeless

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