Episode #89 - Crowdsourcing Music

Episode 89 - The guys are back with more revalatory musical information for the week.  Eric starts the show by introducing everyone to MIDI guitar by Jam Origin and it's blowing his mind.  After discussing the idea of using a Tuba to create midi notes in order to synthesize a Tuba digitally the guys move on to the benefits of playing for Oktoberfest.  As the guys break into the news segment Art gets excited for more Prince music and Eric gives us the breakdown on how to get into musicology so you too can analyze music copyright issues.  This week the guys get to compare Ed Sheeran's music with Marvin Gaye's music and see if there is potentially a a copyright issue.

In the songwriting segment Eric drops his new song he's working on called "All Done" and asks for feedback from the fans.  Tell us what you think.

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