#17 - Update to Bus Stop And Drum Processing

Episode #17 - Eric shows us his progress on his new song "Bus Stop", and Art takes some time to show how he processes drums on a new song by the band "Save the World, Get the Girl" Make sure to check them out here:   https://www.facebook.com/Save.World.Get.Girl

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Eric's Pick of the Week: Umphrey's McGee
Art's Pick of the week: Vinyl Theatre

Website to check out: http://www.postmodernjukebox.com/


Maurice Kalinowski said...

Long time no comment from the German listeners ;)

The pitchshifting idea on the kick is a really neat one. Will try it out on one of my next projects. I would really like to hear more like this.

"Bus Stop" is progressing nicely. The drums in the beginning might be a bit too overcompressed. On the other hand you could also try to apply some eq sweep on the drums there to make them feel a bit more distant. When the song starts they kick in closely. Could give some nice dynamics.

Waiting for the next episode.

Art said...

Thanks for the comment! The next episode is going to be a good one. We interview the group "Tiny Boats" (http://tinyboatsofficial.com/). Fantastic local band who just release a great new album.