Happy Corner Episode 3

smileyfaces be damned!

As we start the weekend, what is better than a good appetizer; something to wet the musical palette (if you will).  What happier way to get the juices flowing than by reading another "Eric's Happy Corner!"

Cubicle Fever! It's a new psychological disease I've just invented.  I'm fairly certain I have it. Common symptoms include seeing the world as nothing but putrid brown and grey, asking your manager if you can go to the restroom (even if you don't have a manager) and typing notoriously fast on anything that appears to be a keyboard.  So far I've found some good cures such as video games and movies, but sometimes you just need a little kick-in-the-pants before the best remedy can be found.  As a wise man once said:  "Writing and listening to music is the balm to the wounded soul"....(okay nevermind... I want to rescind that quote, whoever said that was an idiot)

Regardless of how the week goes, there's always a good excuse to discover some new music or, in the case of this week, an old favorite.  Be sure to turn up the volume as loud as you can to annoy anyone within hearing distance, as that seems to make music exploration even more enjoyable.  I have found singing as loud as possible whilst pretending to "work out" at the gym has an excellent effect.

Awesome Song of week

Foster the People - Pseudologia Fantastica Live

To be honest every time I've listened to "Foster the People," I wasn't necessarily digging their sound. But this live show is so bizarre and tight, I couldn't resist showing this song.  In another music video they show the time-stop creation of the huge mural on the wall behind them, then to end on a high note they perform live with this song; which somehow feels like the Flaming Lips fell in love with Radiohead and had an affair with MGMT.  A really cool song as long as you listen to it all the way through.

Awesomerer Song of the week

The Pierces - Believe in Me

What happens when you take some hippy sisters who happened to be secret children of ABBA and then give them a nuclear weapon?  Actually, I'm pretty sure the world would ended by now had that happened, but this song sure gets me close to that feeling.  It starts with a Florence and the Machine type beat and then jumps into something unexpected.  I started to experience a flying sensation during this song, so listener beware.

Awesomesestest Song of the week

Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole Live

When I was a teenager, I was taught that Nine Inch Nails was an evil band, and it would lead me to the pits of Satan.  So I did whatever any normal teenager would do, I bought the cassette tape (yeah, I know I dated myself) and listened to it in secret.  I absolutely loved this song, and in tribute of NIN releasing their new Movie of the 2013 worldwide tour, I decided to give you this tidbit.  The concert looks like it was amazing, and now I wish I had robbed someone in order to get enough money to actually be there.  This whole show looks fantastical.

There you have it, three picks to make you happy.  And if you're not happy by now,well... may the pits of Satan save your soul. 

"Black...like the color of your soul!"


Iamtheswoop said...

Is it just me or does peanut butters stick to the roof of my mouth way too long?

Iamtheswoop said...

It's not like I was actually in the room when anything happened....

Art said...

Loved the Pierces song.

Iamtheswoop said...

I know right, what a great song.