As we start the weekend, what is better than a good appetizer; something to wet the musical palette (if you will).  What smoother way to get the juices flowing than by reading another "Eric's Happy Corner!"

It's a miracle we make it to the weekend sometimes.  Work and life gets so busy that I need to take some time and listen to some good music, something that I typically haven't heard before.  

In this vein I would like to point out that I take my job seriously now.  As a self appointed music journalist I consider EHC a very important column.  In order to impress everyone with my new career I created my own VIP credentials and I walk around town asking people if they have heard of the hottest-hippest music.  Most people invite me to their back rooms and try to sell me illicit marijuana, but some people actually provide some wonderful ideas for the week.

So after all the trouble and jail time I've gone through, I present my three picks of the week:


Big Data- Dangerous

So let's be clear, there is an official video and just the song.  I am posting just the song, because the actual "official video" is creepy-creepy weird, and makes me want to crawl away and bury my head in the sand.  That being said, this song is too good to pass up; it has been out for a while, but still good enough to be heard by "my fellow Romans."  (I don't think of myself as Emperor Caesar quite yet....)


Bastille - Pompeii (Live)

I know what you're thinking, "I remember that band on the radio, and I thought they were fake." How do I know you were thinking this?  Because I was thinking the same thing; next thing I know they are actually performing live and it's a bunch of real dudes...who knew?  Not only that, they include an actual symphonic collection of real symphony peeps.  Then I realized, this guy can actually sing really well, and the whole band can sing.  What a cool song and what an even cooler live rendition.  Kudos to this band!


CHVRCHES - Recover

Okay Spoiler Alert!  For those actively listening to the podcast (why are you not actively listening to the podcast?) They know that this was my pick of the week, but considering I haven't stopped listening to this song, I've decided I need to share the joy with everyone.  There is something about her voice that I absolutely love, and I'll be completely honest, I'd like to hear some grunge guitar in this song, but overall it makes me very happy to listen to and present this song.

May the Happy Corner ever be in your favor; now get out there and write some music.


Iamtheswoop said...

I've only seen two birds hit a window in my life, it was earth shattering...

Iamtheswoop said...

If you want to destroy my sweater....