Eric's Happy Corner

As I start me weekend, I need a good appetizer; something to wet the musical palette (if you will).  What better way to get the juices flowing than Eric's Happy Corner!

It is a difficult job to cruise the interwebs and find some quality content.  Having to search through so much to find something actually enjoyable requires stamina, perseverance and most of all, the stubborn opinion that whatever you like is the correct thing for others to enjoy.  Don't get me wrong, people should be able to have their own opinion, but it would be good if they checked in with me before writing their music.

First cool song this week goes to Paloma Faith
At First I thought to myself, "well that's odd, their studio looks alot like a Kitchen,"  Then I realized, "they actually have a kitchen in their wait...that's an actual kitchen."  I don't know why singing in the kitchen is so cool, but this video sure makes me want to do it more.

I really like her voice, and the song is a nice throwback to the days of yor.

Second Cool Song of the week goes to Villagers
One time I had an acid trip that was amazing, I was this dude on stage and my face was painted.  Then craziness ensued.  Yes, I know what you're thinking, "how did they know to make a music video of my acid trip from years ago."

The song structure is not overly complicated, but interesting enough to keep me wanting more.  Very cool song idea, and the lyrics are rather poignant.

The coolest song of the week goes to Band of Skulls
I started listening to this song and I thought to myself, "interesting verse, chorus is cool; but does it really grab me?"  Next thing I knew 30 minutes went by and I had it on repeat.  I still can't get enough of this song or this band right now.  This band is so tight, they remind me of 80's spandex.

There you have it, Eric's Happy Corner, now my "Talking About Noise" listeners, get out there and write some music! I command you as your music Overlord!


Iamtheswoop said...

I once heard Napoleon was a good singer...

Iamtheswoop said...

It's not whether you like jelly beans with your music writing, it's more about whether you like it when you're not writing music