#13 - Eric brings us into the Reconstruction Era and Master Art teaches us the way...

Eric spends his days reconstructing Pop songs, learning the ins and outs of his synth software. Art introduces mastering techniques to bring the levels of your music up to broadcast worthiness.

And now we're on YouTube!

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Eric's Pick of the Week: Band of Skulls (Nightmare)
Art's Pick of the Week: Little Comets (Friday Don't Need It)

Plugins from Art's Mastering Intro:

Density mkiii
Limiter no6

TT Dynamic Range Meter

JB Broadcast seems to no longer be available. The author has transitioned his plugins over to: http://www.toneboosters.com/products/. There doesn't seem to be a direct cousin for the Broadcast plugin.

Art released a new piano solo out into the wild! Enjoy "Out the Diner Window"

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