My Favorite Free Compressors

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You know you can never have enough plugins right? And good free plugins are just awesome. Here's a list of the free compressor plugins I've enjoyed using...

Density mkIII is a great bus compressor. I'll throw it on my drum bus, and then on my master bus. When my other compressors just aren't getting it done, I'll throw it on my vocals as well.

NastyVCS is my go to plugin for vocals. I'll bring up the saturation and bring up the compressor. Badda-bing, I'm ready to go.

Molot is a great Russian looking old school interface, and it just looks great. I like using for guitars and Bass. I need to play around with it more on vocals and such.

Limiter No6 is a limiter/compressor I often use on my Master for a quick and dirty "Mastering" level (I'm not a mastering engineer, but I like to throw a limiter at the end of my mixes so they're similar levels to other recordings.)

ReaComp is the stock compressor in Reaper. You can use it in other hosts as well. It's a good solid compressor. I would definitely add it to your "locker".

JB Broadcast Processor, I can't get over how much I like this multiband compressor/limiter. It's got lots of things in it, a compressor, spatial processing, brickwall limiting... Take some time and get to know this one, it's totally worth it. Good on vocals, good on Master Bus limiting. Lots of options. In fact pick up all of the JB plugins, or buy their updated stuff at toneboosters.

Blockfish is a great compressor, one to have in your "plugin locker". In fact pick up all the "Fish Fillets" plugins, I use the Deesser all the time...

Anyway, enjoy. I'm sure there's more/better compressors out there, but I've had a ton of success with these ones! Have fun! 

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