#10 - Special Guest Gentry Lee

Audio Show #10 - Special Guest Gentry Lee brings his "tape recorder" songwriting tips, and Art helps Eric prepare for his weekend of recording acoustic guitar.

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Art's pick of the week: Sarah Jarosz

Eric's pick of the week: Shiny toy guns

Gentry's pick of the week: The Joggers

A couple of pictures from the acoustic guitar examples:

Mics in a Mid-side technique. Ribbon turned 90 degrees,
Condenser on top pointed directly at guitar at the 12th fret (guitarist not shown!)

Spaced pair. Small diaphragm pencil pointed at 12th fret. 
Small diaphragm (large body) pointed at bridge.

XY Pair. Pointed at the 12th fret.

ORTF method. From the player's perspective. 
Mics spaced at 110 degrees over the players head. 
(Must supply your own beard!)

Pictures taken by my 6 year old, Milo Moore.


The J.New Crew said...

So any advice on which methods you would use for which scenarios?

Art said...

I prefer to start out with the xy configuration at the twelve fret starting out. Its the most modern and balanced of the approaches. But I really liked all of the setups. Any of them will work very well.

Art said...

The over the head technique I would use in indie, folk, where you want more space in the track.