#31 - Revenge of the Noise

Episode #31 - |Are you bored, do you wish you had more musical purpose in life?  Do you wish that you could listen to interesting people talk about music in an interesting way?  Well that's not this podcast, but we still have a lot of fun anyway.

In this episode we critique some of Eric's music again from his self-indulgent band "The Swoop," talk about some of the latest music news and discuss how to promote your music business using NoiseTrade.

Crib Notes:

The website we reference in the podcast is NoiseTrade, and contains Art's music, and will soon contain The Swoop's album

The Swoop is Eric's Band and can be found at ForeverTimeless

Please feel free to send us your music and we can give you our critiques or you can join us on the show to discuss it: talkingaboutnoise@gmail.com

We would love to hear from you!

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