#19 - The Chronicle Trio

#19 - Episode #19 is fantastic. We host Jazz group, The Chronicle Trio here in our little studio, and they treat us with a live performances. They also bring their engineer who discusses their "do anything to get it done" recording strategies. It's an hour of good laughs, lots of great music, and a fantastic performance. Make sure to check out their performance videos below, and get ready for their new album to drop in April!

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Picks of the Week:
Lance: The Robert Glasper
Ron: Curcuit Survive
Aaron: Red Gold Green
Dave: Isaiah Rashad : Sylvia
Art: Noha Fekry on Soundcloud


Maurice Kalinowski said...

Well, what went wrong with the audio here? Forgot to unmute on mic while bouncing? At least for the first 5 minutes I could only guess what people said and then stopped listening.

Art said...

Wvery podcast a little technical issues here and there. This week was soley mic distance. The guys get right up on the mic in a few minutes so hang in there!

Maurice Kalinowski said...

True, thanks for clarifying this.