How to start enjoying podcasts on the go!

Podcasting is basically Talk Radio shows produced specifically for the internet. They are easy to find, and you're able to discover people producing shows on the topics that interest you the most. The advantages to podcasts are that you can find topics you are truly interested in, and you can download them to listen to *when* you want to!

If you're an iPhone or iPad user, taking advantage of podcasts is easy! It's built right into iTunes and you can even find our show there! When you subscribe, iTunes will keep you up to date on new episodes and even download them for you.

If you're more of a streaming guy, then I suggest getting the stitcher app on your phone. Stitcher is a great app for streaming all kinds of podcasts. You can even listen to podcasts through the website. Here's a link to our show here, and you can listen to the latest episode right here:

 I'm an Android phone user and have found my favorite way to podcast. I use the app Podkicker Pro. It allows me to subscribe to a RSS feed. This feed details all of the information of the Podcast such as episodes, descriptions, and images. Podkicker Pro makes subscribing easy. Copy the RSS feed address and paste it into the subscribe field!

Hope this helps you get interested in how to take advantage of podcasts! Take a second to subscribe to our podcast so you don't miss out on any new episodes!

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